The core of our investment philosophy centers around two words:  focus and expertise.  Our strategy, based on this core philosophy, is to concentrate on what we do best (our expertise) and do fewer things, better (our focus). This strategy allows us to provide each investment and relationship with the attention and expertise that it requires, and to remain focused on what we do best as a company. 

Our investments are focused on asset classes and markets in which our expertise provides us with an advantage over our competition.  This advantage has allowed us to invest over multiple decades and market cycles, consistently evolving, improving, and strengthening our company as well as our industry and investment relationships.  Today, these investment relationships include public companies, hedge funds, private investors and more.

In real estate, changing market conditions and unexpected challenges are inherent. As a result of our focus and expertise, we are able to navigate these conditions and challenges to meet our goals.

Investment Process

As a hands-on investment company, we manage every project from beginning to end.  Starting with initial analysis and ending with disposition at the end of the investment cycle, we are involved every step along the way.  For each project, we assess what is needed, create a plan, and then execute.

Below are just a few of the categories and ways in which our expertise sets us apart:


  • Deal sourcing and valuation

  • Financial evaluation and modeling

  • Asset due diligence

  • Highest and best use determination

  • Extensive financing and lender contacts

  • Zoning and density changes and regulations

  • Street-by-street local market knowledge


  • Construction management

  • Apartment repositioning

  • Value-add renovations

  • Socio-economic specific renovation

Asset Management

  • General tenant and property management

  • Problem tenants and neighbors (including evictions)

  • Ongoing repair and maintenance